The result, not the process

Scientific Publications. The result, not the process

New career opportunities with Scientific Publications

The Scientific Publications company is an absolute leader in the field of scientific and publication consulting with many years of experience.

We will be glad to see specialists in the team who are ready for new challenges and innovations. Our specialists are focused on:

  • Partnership with international information and indexing systems (databases), scientific organisations, universities, and companies.
  • Generation of new ideas and their implementation.
  • Continuous development and improvement of professional competencies within the company.
  • Assistance in the implementation and professional development of all members of our team!

"Scientific Publications" is the absolute leader in the field of scientometrics and scientific publications in Azerbaijan and the CIS

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Current vacancies

Sorry, but there are currently no open vacancies. You can send your resume to and we will definitely consider it!

Values of the Scientific Publications company

Mutual assistance and
The company's activities are aimed at mutual assistance and fulfilment of the potential of all employees, along with our customers, partners, and like-minded people
Focus on continuous development
Compensation for training and development of employees, growth both in the professional area and through the fulfilment of personal interests
Creativity and innovation
Constant generation of new approaches, ideas, and methods of their implementation both in the work and in the company's activities

Answers to frequently asked questions about working with us

  • 1. Where is the office?
    The representative office of Scientific Publications in Azerbaijan is located in Baku.
  • 2. What is the work schedule?
    We work according to the eight-hour working day model (from 9:00 to 18:00) from Monday to Friday.
  • 3. How is the salary paid?
    Salary is paid twice a month. Several times a year, there will be a revision to increase the material component.
  • 4. Is official employment provided?
    After successful completion of a paid internship lasting 1 month, the process of official registration of employees is initiated.
  • 5. Is there a motivation system?
    Work in our company provides for a material (monthly) and non-material (based on the results of work) motivation system.
  • 6. How can the company's team be characterised?
    We are a team of young and creative professionals with a developed corporate culture.
  • 7. In what conditions do specialists work?
    Each employee is provided with a personal workplace with all necessary equipment, a corporate library, a kitchen, a recreation area, and a place for meetings and negotiations.
  • 8. Is there a development system within the company?
    The development of professional competencies and skills is carried out considering personal growth. As part of this, corporate programmes, courses, and projects are provided.

Ready to be a part of our team?