The result, not the process

Scientific Publications. The result, not the process

Answers to the most asked questions

  • 1. Do clients have legal guarantees of cooperation?
    The Scientific Publications company works exclusively within the legal framework and provides the client with all the necessary guarantees, which are legally fixed by the Cooperation Agreement. In addition, if necessary, we provide a document indicating the amount of work performed and an invoice (if necessary for reporting).
  • 2. How to pay for services?
    We work with all the most popular and widespread money transfer systems and banks, which helps to reduce commission costs. We are ready to offer flexible payment terms, which are discussed individually to provide additional guarantees to our customers.
  • 3. Will copyright and confidentiality of authors be affected?
    The Scientific Publications Company operates on the principle of complete confidentiality and guarantees the preservation of the clients copyrights. If the researcher provides a study with a different subject "to be replaced", the personal managers access to the first study will be limited. Then, the material is removed from our database. Access to it is resumed only in case of a repeated request by the client
  • 4. How fast is the application review process?
    After filling out the application on the website, our specialists will contact you as soon as possible. If the application is left in the morning, you will receive a response during the working day, if on weekends or late in the evening – on the next working day.
  • 5. Is it possible to receive services that are not listed on the website (the "Services" section)?
    The possibility of providing other publishing services is considered individually. Our specialists have the competence to solve publication projects of any level of complexity and are always ready to implement any scientific task.
  • 6. Why are some of the services provided free of charge?
    Our specialists conduct a free audit of studies with the determination of the level of uniqueness and the degree of necessary improvements. In addition, some options, for example, the selection of the journal for publication, are available for free in case of ordering a comprehensive service. These processes are less labour-intensive in comparison with the translation, structuring, and formatting of a study
  • 7. What is a scientific field of the studies that you publish
    Scientific Publications helps with publications in journals from international information and indexing systems (databases) with a wide list of subject areas: from social sciences and humanities to exact and natural sciences. This contributes to the fulfilment of any scientific purposes, including obtaining titles, degrees, funding, and the development of grants.
  • 8. How long does the publishing process take??
    The publishing process can take from several months to a year. The time frames are influenced by many factors: the level of quality and relevance of the material provided, publication requirements, the process of selecting the material by reviewers, etc. In turn, Scientific Publications helps to minimise the time needed by performing its duties to the client in a high-quality manner and providing consulting and information support at all stages of the publication process. The accelerated publishing process is not a privilege. Each study is a priority for us!

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