The result, not the process

Scientific Publications. The result, not the process

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    Company foundation

    The creation of the Scientific Publications company by Pilipenko Denis Sergeevich. The beginning of active cooperation with researchers from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Eastern European countries.


    Expanding influence

    Scientific Publications expands the influence geographically. Researchers from more than 30 countries of the world are starting to cooperate with the organisation

    Identity development

    Создание уникальной айдентики бренда и брендбука компании


    The first Memorandum of Cooperation in the field of scientometry and scientific publications was signed with the university


    Global structure

    Scientific Publications comes under the control of a single parent structure - "Scientific Alliance"

    Market leadership

    Scientific Publications is becoming the absolute leader in Eastern European countries in terms of the number of implemented scientific projects


    New office

    The company is moving to a new headquarters in Ukraine, which becomes the largest scientific hub in Eastern Europe

    Media launch

    Scientific Publications creates the first media about scientometry – "Science and Metrics" in Ukraine

    Research and training centre

    A new research and training centre was launched, which specialises in conducting webinars, training, seminars, and conferences for researchers to inform them about the most relevant opportunities

    Partnership with "Crossref"

    Scientific Publications became an official sponsor of the company "Crossref", which specialises in the registration of DOI


"Scientific Publications" in Kazakhstan

The branch of Scientific Publications was opened in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which at that time was the only distributor of scientific publishing services in the country

Certification Centre

The company founded the Certification Centre, which became the official international certification centre for researchers under the regulatory documents of the countries in which Scientific Publications provides publishing services

Scientific Journals Publishing House

A publishing house started its activity in the structure of the company, which was restructured into the Scientific Journals company and transferred under the management of the Scientific Alliance holding The company's office in Kyiv was opened


Educational and training activities

More than 150 scientific events were held, which were attended by more than 20,000 researchers

Active partnership

The company continues active cooperation with universities and scientific institutions. In 2021, about 50 partnership memoranda were signed


The renewal of the name, logo, positioning, etc. marked a new stage in the development of the company

Anniversary and plans

Scientific Publications celebrated 5 years of absolute leadership in the field of scientific and publication consulting

The establishment of the Charitable Foundation “Scientific Alliance”

The establishment of the Charitable Foundation “Scientific Alliance”, the purpose of which is to provide the assistance to all those in need and the desire to create a better future together. The activity of the Foundation expresses the main values of the company and is implemented by transferring part of the funds from completed projects to charity.


The company in the conditions of war

On February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation invaded the territory of Ukraine where the company’s head office is located. From the first day of the war the “Scientific Publications” opposed cooperation with the Russian Federation and organized the work of the team during the hostilities. Due to the efforts of all employees, the company continues to maintain its leadership position in the market, provide quality services and develop.

Acquisition deal of “World Sci Publ”

A deal was concluded between the “Scientific Publications” company and the competing brand “World Sci Publ” on the transfer of a number of assets, developments and the Kazakh-Asian infrastructure of the latter under the management of the “Scientific Publications”.

Extension of structure and international influence

The “Scientific Publications” Company continues to develop actively! The organization is interested in the global development of science and the quality of research works, therefore, it is working on opening branches in Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Poland, Albania and other countries, as well as expanding the structure in Ukraine.


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