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Scientific Publications. The result, not the process

Denis Kovalenko

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For many years we have been a leader in the market of scientific and publication consulting in scientometric databases. In 2016, Scientific Publications started its activities in Ukraine, then went international and opened a branch in Kazakhstan. As of 2022, researchers from more than 45 countries of the world cooperate with us: Kazakhstan, China, Uzbekistan, South Korea, and European countries.

The Scientific Publications company is a quality guarantee for researchers. We support publication projects depending on the scientific purposes of clients and assist at all stages: from the moment of the audit to the indexing of the work. This approach corresponds to the main motto of our company "The result not the process!"

The clients of Scientific Publications are protected by a Cooperation Agreement, which is signed before starting work on the project and specifies all the rights and obligations of the parties.

We also cooperate with academic institutions and public and private universities around the world, in confirmation of which we have official documents and memorandums of cooperation.

Scientific Publications is the best choice for researchers!

Denis Kovalenko

Director of the "Scientific Publications Azerbaijan" company

Our partners and clients

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We are working with the purpose of productive and long-term cooperation, which will contribute to raising the level of international science and benefit both partner parties. The global priorities of Scientific Publications are aimed at the development of both the internal structure and external partnership, the creation of new trends in the field of science and scientometry and the maximum development of research potential.

We respect the right of every person to work in their expert field and adhere to this principle. For that reason, we offer to save your time and devote it to research and advancement of science, while our experienced specialists will undertake the rest of the work!

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Answers to the most asked questions

  • 1. Do clients have legal guarantees of cooperation?
    The Scientific Publications company works exclusively within the legal framework and provides the client with all the necessary guarantees, which are legally fixed by the Cooperation Agreement. In addition, if necessary, we provide a document indicating the amount of work performed and an invoice (if necessary for reporting).
  • 2. What is a scientific field of the studies that you publish
    Scientific Publications helps with publications in journals from international information and indexing systems (databases) with a wide list of subject areas: from social sciences and humanities to exact and natural sciences. This contributes to the fulfilment of any scientific purposes, including obtaining titles, degrees, funding, and the development of grants.
  • 3. How long does the publishing process take??
    The publishing process can take from several months to a year. The time frames are influenced by many factors: the level of quality and relevance of the material provided, publication requirements, the process of selecting the material by reviewers, etc. In turn, Scientific Publications helps to minimise the time needed by performing its duties to the client in a high-quality manner and providing consulting and information support at all stages of the publication process. The accelerated publishing process is not a privilege. Each study is a priority for us!

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